San Diego Student Consumer Card


How It Works

Business Publicity through Student Deals

Since 1979, the San Diego Student Consumer Card has efficiently brought students and businesses together in one community.

College Student Deals

Our service is focused primarily on college students who are beginning their semester in San Diego, CA. The card is completely free of charges and is available at local colleges or university offices. The program runs twice a year, in which 90 thousand Consumer Cards are distributed during the Fall and Spring semesters at 17 colleges and universities county wide.

Through the San Diego Student Consumer Card, students get great deals and discounts on food, auto, and entertainment services from local merchants, which in turn, is a fantastic way for them to better know the businesses in their community.

Students can conveniently visit the businesses online and through social media while shopping from their mobile devices, instead of just going to their local store to redeem the deals. Through our program, we encourage long lasting relationships between students and merchants that go well beyond their school term.

Ad Services for Businesses

Local merchants can reach out to us as well! San Diego Student Consumer Card understands the world is changing and has innovatively adapted our services for the digital era. Deals that were once available only for print can now be viewed online and through all mobile devices and tablets.

We promote branding and marketing for your business through the use of deals. Our service offers price competitive ads for your business, which bring exposure to thousands of students each semester. San Diego Student Consumer Card currently has over 17 schools that participate in our program, getting your brand name out into a wide college market.

The program has been very successful, as many companies become repeat clients for many years. This allows businesses to develop a relationship over time with the students and potentially, their family members. We want to drive students to the respective businesses, whether it’s through their websites or traffic to the storefront itself.


The San Diego Student Consumer Card has proven to be a successful way to promote our business to a demographic we target at a very affordable rate. "

- Taylor Rhodes,  Hot Tub Cruisin, Inc.

Student & Waitress